Hey! I'm Stefanie.

I teach real estate agents the modern, brand-forward steps to build an engaged social media following, a referral network of raving fans, and the leveraged systems to serve more clients with ease. 

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It's all about intentional transformation.

Through her transformational mentorship program (Market Authority Academy), top-ranked YouTube channel, and thriving social media community, Stefanie offers a modern, connection-centered approach for real estate agents who desire to grow their business. 


She proves that by moving away from outdated, "saley-spammy" tactics and instead embracing authentic connection as their super power, even the newest real estate agents can skip the overwhelm and self-doubt and begin building a life and business they dream of.  

Learning what makes you unique, and how that's relevant to today's discerning consumer, is what allows you to stand out from the crowd and serve more buyers and sellers. 

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See what other real estate agents say about Stefanie and Market Authority Academy. 



My business grew from $5.4 Mil to $18+ Mil in less than 12 months! 

"After going through the Market Authority Academy, it just really gives me the confidence that I can do this. That I'll experience issues or down turns but I'll still be able to come out on top and have amazing clients who love and trust me. I'm working with all referrals right now and the most ideal clients you can ask for. It's a dream! I have Stefanie's system to thank for knowing what I needed to look for and share and it has been working like a charm!"



From brand new agents, to 6+ clients in 6 months!

"As new agents starting our business together, it was extremely beneficial for us to join the Market Authority Academy. We are way ahead of the new agents in our area and it’s thanks to Stephanie’s laid out systems. We have a clear path to follow and by executing the plan, you know you’re on the road to success!"

Meet Stefanie Lugo

How I went from "clueless newbie REALTOR®" to top 1% agent and transformative coach.

It wasn't all that long ago that my husband and I quit our corporate finance 9-5's to start our real estate business together with no experience in the industry...


Just a dream for a life with more freedom and flexibly and the chance to impact others along the way.


But it wasn't always easy, and I remember what it felt like to lack the confidence, direction, and know-how we needed to build our dream business.


Getting into the real estate industry in my (very) early 20's had me in a perpetual state of self-doubt and overwhelm. 


Worse yet, we had no referral network, no money for expensive old-school marketing tactics, and no stomach for cold-calling or doorknocking. 


No one prepared me for how exhausting it would be to wake up everyday, thinking of the 50 gazillion things that had to get done, with no clue how to prioritize the workflow and organize our tasks. 


I was completely blindsided by how difficult it would be to convince even some of our close friends that, yes, they should definitely hire us for their home sale. 


We felt like we had all the grit, determination, earnestness and value to offer our prospective clients, and yet it was like no one cared to listen


Fast forward through lots of work, failed attempts, and lessons learned, and you see what we've built today - a top 1% real estate business that offers us more freedom and income than we ever thought possible, and changes the lives of others in our own community, and beyond. 

Once we got clear on our uniqueness and who we serve, we were able to scale our brand-awareness and network through social media in a way that had us connecting with real buyers and sellers in droves.  

We discovered that by leveraging social media, we could explode that "know-like- and trust" factor that the real estate industry has always thrived on. 


Now, while I'm still in the trenches with our real estate team, I get to test and iterate this proven process so I can help other real estate agents learn these strategies to increase their impact in their markets, too. 

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Stefanie's Fav Podcast Episodes and YouTube Videos



For the debut episode of the Market Authority Show, Stefanie is joined by Market Authority Academy alum Lindsay Fricks, her shares her incredible transformation as a new agent. In less than 1 year, she grew her business 3-fold by trippling her closed clients and taking her sales volume from a respectable $5.4 mil to $18+ mil in closed sales. Listen to see how she did it!



In 2021, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the competition as you build your real estate business on Social Media. A strong brand can help you connect with dozens of new buyers and sellers with every time you post on Instagram, and begin attracting clients every week! That means, building an irresistible brand needs to be your critical mission for growth in 2021 and beyond. In this video, Stefanie shares her best tips to make it happen.



A crowd favorite! In this episode, Stefanie is joined by her personal peak performance coach who shares the strategies real estate agents need to overcome common obstacles that keep them from acheiving the success they desire, and how they can body-hack themselves into peak performance. 



Having a presence on Instagram is no longer negotiable for real estate agents who want to be considered authorities in their market. In this video, Stefanie is walking you through the simple steps you can take today to begin your Instagram journey to growth and connection.

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